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Service Engineer Livonia Michigan $70k-$90K 1st Shift

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Job Title:  Service Engineer

# Needed:  1

Job Order Date: 8/28/23

Location: Livonia

Pay Rate:
P1 - Low/Developing  P1 - $70,000 
P2 - Mid / Career  P2 - $80,000 
P3 - High/Senior  P3* - $100,000  
*Must have additive manufacturing experience

Shifts:  Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm (1-hr break for Lunch)

Start Date:  ASAP

Job Description/Duties/Responsibilities:

Our digital manufacturing platform offers customers access to high-quality manufacturing from start to
finish through automation, innovation, and digitization. The company's purpose-built software, a wide selection of materials and technologies, and global supply chain lower manufacturing barriers and speed delivery of quality products. Our digital manufacturing services have empowered more than one million customers worldwide to produce more than 21 million parts using 11 different technologies and 90 different materials and

Headquartered in New York City, we have ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facilities in Livonia,
Michigan, and the Netherlands and a network of verified partners around the globe. In September 2021,
We became a publicly-traded company on the NYSE under the ticker SHPW.
Why is a Service Engineer important to us?
As Service Engineer you will together with your team be tasked to maintain, service and operate our most crucial
equipment, the printers. You will be a critical part of our Total Productive Maintenance program and activities include, but
are not limited to: repairs, (preventative) maintenance, operation, documentation & training, liaising with OEM and
managing spare parts. Basically, you will own, drive and improve the printers' OEE driving operational excellence and
customer value. Next to this, though only limited, being a true team player you will help your team in daily operations,
process and product improvement when necessary. In short, together with your team you will work in a fast and ever
changing environment making sure that every customer order is printed in time to perfection and provide critical feedback
to improve product quality and production efficiency.
In this role, you will:
 Perform machine tasks related to daily production, including cleaning high tech machinery, homogenizing powder
for print runs
 Service and troubleshoot the machines, set and execute periodic maintenance
 Own machine uptime, with the goal to reduce equipment failure, identify root causes, create and implement
preventative maintenance best practices and improvements to equipment
 Identify, analyze, scope and implement improvement projects
 Create and maintain documentation to enable effective knowledge transfer throughout the company.
 Maintain and optimize spare part stock
 Quality control execution and improvement (dimensional accuracy, strength testing)
 Support building, training and coordinating the team to take full ownership on the uptime and quality of the
 Analyze and solve complex problems and provide detailed reports to support presentations and/or follow up.
 Provide detailed support on the acquisition of new capital equipment expenses process.  
 Establish and maintain relationships with the printer OEMs & Service Technician
Minimum Skills/Mandatory Skills/Experience Needed for Hire:
You might be a good fit if (you have/are):
  • Have a Vocational or Bachelor's degree in an applicable field (e.g. engineering, mechatronics)
  • Have work experience in technical support, troubleshooting and maintaining equipment, like CNCs, Laser Cutters but preferably 3D printers
  • 2+ years of work experience in a relevant industry/role
  • Understand KPI-driven performance and how to prioritize based on the demands of on-time delivery
  • Are a constructive team player with good social & communication skills
  • Are mechanical-minded and able to understand the mechanics of an industrial 3D printer
  • Have an appetite to learn, teach and develop in the manufacturing space
  • Love to drive change and continuous improvement by taking initiative and helping others
  • Are always learning: believing that a job where you're constantly learning is the best kind of job and you're ok with asking for help
  • Keep overview easily and work meticulous and organized
Educational Requirement:
  • Have a Vocational or Bachelor's degree in an applicable field (e.g. engineering, mechatronics)
Safety Supplies Required/Provided/Entering & Parking/Dress Code/Additional Information/etc.:
You can park in the front or back and enter either door.
Dress Code is casual work attire appropriate for working in warehouse/manufacturing facility
Background/Screening/Licensing Requirements:
Drug Screen:  No  
Marijuana Permitted:  Not on site
Background Check:  Yes

Drug and Alcohol Policy
We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. Consistent with this
commitment, it is the intent of the Company to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace. Being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs (as classified under federal, state, or local laws), or other impairing substances while on the job may pose a serious health and safety risk to others, and will not be tolerated.
Prohibited Conduct
The Company expressly prohibits employees from engaging in the following activities when they are on duty or conducting Company business or on Company premises (whether or not they are working):
* The use, abuse, or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other impairing substances.
* The possession, sale, purchase, transfer, or transit of any illegal or unauthorized drug, including
prescription medication that is not prescribed to the individual, or drug-related paraphernalia.
* The illegal use or abuse of prescription drugs.
While the use of marijuana has been legalized under some state laws for medicinal and/or recreational uses, it remains an illegal drug under federal law. The Company does not discriminate against employees solely on the basis of their lawful off-duty use of marijuana. You may not consume or be under the influence of marijuana while on duty or at work. If you have a valid prescription for medical marijuana, refer to the Company Disability

Accommodation policy for additional information.
Nothing in this policy is meant to prohibit your appropriate use of over-the-counter medication or other
medication that can legally be prescribed under both federal and state law, if it does not impair your job
performance or safety or the safety of others. If you take over-the-counter medication or other medication that can legally be prescribed under both federal and state law to treat a disability, inform the People Team if you believe the medication may impair your job performance, safety, or the safety of others or if you believe you need a reasonable accommodation before reporting to work while under the influence of that medication. From time to time, the Company may sponsor social or business-related events where alcohol may be served. This policy does not prohibit the use or consumption of alcohol at these events. However, if you choose to consume alcohol at such events, you must do so responsibly and maintain your obligation to conduct yourself properly and professionally at all times.

The Company may assist you in seeking treatment or rehabilitation for drug or alcohol dependency. In such cases, the Company may consider your continued employment as long as concerns regarding safety, health, production, communication, or other work-related matters are adequately addressed. The Company may also require you to obtain a medical clearance and agree to random testing and a 'one-strike' rule as a condition of continued employment.

Why join our team?
At our company, e all contribute to a respectful work environment where we share ideas and encourage each other to think creatively. We are a collaborative, diverse and dynamic group of individuals ready to embark on our next chapter of growth.
Do you want to be part of a culture that is inclusive, inspiring, and allows you the autonomy to be creative in your work? If so, we invite you to join us on our adventure!
Benefits and perks include:
  • Healthcare that fits your needs - We offer excellent medical, dental, and vision plan options that provide coverage to employees and dependents. Our suite of options ranges from 100% employee-only medical premium coverage to extremely reduced premiums for dependent coverage to an enhanced buy-up plan for those with more extensive needs. We also have competitive pricing plans for dental and vision!
  • Ownership - Every single employee will be granted equity in the company
  • 401(k) with Employer Match - Join the team and we will immediately invest in your future
  • Parental Leave - Robust paid time off for new parents; both primary and secondary leave
  • Generous Paid Time Off - 20 PTO days plus additional days off when you're not feeling well, to observe holidays, or just to destress.
  • Wellness - We care about your well-being. From Commuter Benefits to FSA's to a platform to promote financial well-being to gym reimbursement to standing desks to a partnership with One Medical...we've got you covered
  • Learning & Development - Through continued education/mentorship on the job and our investment in LinkedIn Learning, we're focused on your growth as a working professional
  • Credit and Discount - Each quarter, employees will earn a $100 credit in account - that's $400 a year! This balance may be used in conjunction with the 20% employee discount toward purchasing items from our marketplace